no more bad hair days

App Overview

You spend a lot of time getting your hair just right.   You look in the mirror and think, "I look pretty good today."  Now you go outside and the weather elements take over.  You get to work, school, a party or event.  Quick dash to the restroom or turn the camera around on your phone… Yikes! What happened?  Mother Nature happened.  That great hairstyle was fine indoors but rain, humidity, wind turned that hairstyle flat, frizzy, uncontrollable.  That good hair day is now a bad hair day.  Better grab a hat.  Now you can use WeatherBrush, a new app that allows you to style your hair based on the weather.

How it Works


Download & Login


Check out the weather

See the current, hourly, and extended 7-day forecast.

Take a selfie

Add tags and comments to build your diary and detail the type of hair day you’re having.

Search for your best look

Use your diary to search for your best looks based on similar weather.

Beat the weather

Keep adding entries daily to ensure you never have a bad hair day.